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Snuggle Swaddle Florence changing bag

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The Snuggle Swaddle Florence changing bag also comes with a headband.


  • Light and breathable cotton that is gentle on baby's skin

  • Suitable for use in all seasons

  • Easy to use

  • Suitable for newborns from 2.5kg-6kg and intended for use by babies up to 3 months old.

The Snuggle Swaddle is so light and compact that it fits comfortably in the side pocket of a baby bag.

Material: cotton/elastane

Perfect as a baby shower or baby shower gift and a lovely choice for baby photography.

How to use: Gently glide over baby's body, starting from feet to shoulders.

Designed for babies aged 0-3 months.

Machine washable with a gentle wash cycle. Do not tumble dry.

Brand: Snuggle Hunny Kids