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Snuggle Swaddle Daisy Changing Bag

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The Snuggle Swaddle Daisy changing bag also comes with a headband.


  • Light and breathable cotton that is gentle on baby's skin

  • Suitable for use in all seasons

  • Easy to use

  • Suitable for newborns from 2.5kg-6kg and intended for use by babies up to 3 months old.

The Snuggle Swaddle is so light and compact that it fits comfortably in the side pocket of a baby bag.

Material: cotton/elastane

Perfect as a baby shower or baby shower gift and a lovely choice for baby photography.

How to use: Gently glide over baby's body, starting from feet to shoulders.

Designed for babies aged 0-3 months.

Machine washable with a gentle wash cycle. Do not tumble dry.

Brand: Snuggle Hunny Kids



Snuggle Hunny Kids' Snuggle Swaddle is an easy-to-use swaddling bag that helps calm your baby and ensures better sleep. Swaddling is an ancient tradition of covering the baby in such a way that it feels safe like in the mother's womb.

The Snuggle Swaddle changing bag is made of light and high-quality cotton, which is gentle on the baby's skin. The Snuggle Swaddle is a stylish and super easy way to swaddle your baby, and requires no special knowledge or skills. The diaper bag has no locks, buttons or other fasteners, just slip it over the baby's body and you're done.

NB! If you notice that the diaper bag moves over the baby's face and is big/long for the baby, tie the bottom end in a knot at the feet.