All Probeeb e-shop products are carefully selected from various manufacturers around the world. We order goods from England, Denmark, Asia and Australia. Therefore, we also have longer delivery times than usual. 2-5 days after placing the order, we will send the order tracking number to your e-mail, so that you can conveniently track your order in real time.

From €69, the transport is free.

Delivery time= assembly time + delivery time

The order arrives at the nearest parcel machine or post office.

Delivery Times & Prices

European countries

Delivery time 8-15 days (€4.99)

United States

Delivery time 8-15 days (€4.99)


Delivery time 8-15 days (€4.99)


Delivery time 8-15 days (€4.99)

New Zealand

Delivery time 8-15 days (€4.99)

Other countries

Delivery time 10-20 days (€8.99)